Peter Tomsu Photography

Live the Change


For a Nature Photographer like me the conservation of the beauty and environmental health of our planet are extremely important

Our future, the future of our kids and next generations and all the beauty and happiness these future generations will find, are closely connected on how we treat our planet and its environmental health today

In fact mankind today is wasting more resources than actually allowed by natural regeneration power of our planet

We are so deeply involved in our everyday’s businesses, that we easily find thousands of excuses not to watch these signs and to forget about the destructive process we are part of

All of us can contribute in one or many ways to stop this process

I am involved in the development, deployment and future enhancements of the worldwide Internet, as the Internet opens many new possibilities for efficient usage and control of the resources we have

My nature photography shows the beauty of our planet and its nature, which we need to preserve for future generations

“We are only guests on earth and have the responsibility to pass on this heritage to our next generations” - Peter Tomsu, Photographer